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Extracurricular Activity Eligibility Policy and Rule.


Superintendent Kimberly Hill presented rules defining extracurricular activities and days absent to clarify student participation eligibility during the Nov. 10 Board of Education meeting. The rules refine the guidelines schools will use to determine eligibility of a student to participate in extracurricular and athletic programs, particularly for attendance. Eligibility status is noted on a student’s quarterly report card.

The Board, in December 2014, changed eligibility requirements to include all extracurricular activities beyond athletics, raised the minimum required grade-point average from 2.0 to 2.25 and disallowed any failing “F” grades. The Board also extended the maximum of 4.5 days absent per quarter required for athletic participation to all extracurricular activities. The changes went into effect this school year.

Responding to concerns from students and parents about the new policy, the Board of Education asked for additional information about exceptions to the attendance requirement. The 4.5 days, parents said, did not allow flexibility for emergencies or special circumstances. The Superintendent’s rules define when an absence will not count toward the 4.5-day maximum as specified in the policy. Additionally, extracurricular activities are defined as any non-credit school activities, including athletics, that are not directly connected to the school’s academic program. The complete rule and policy links are located in the green bar on the right.

If a student is ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities and athletics, a notation will be listed on the student’s report card from the previous quarter. Parents may appeal a student’s ineligibility status, starting with a written request to the school principal.

The rules take effect immediately and for the second quarter of the 2015-16 school year and beyond. The Board has asked its instructional policy review committee to consider additional wording changes to Policy 6431, Extracurricular Activities and Athletics Eligibility Requirements for Grades 6-12.



Superintendent’s Rule 6431

Extracurricular Requirements / Policy 6431


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