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Report Cards & Interim Reports

2017-2018 School Year

Interim reports and report cards will be issued on the following days:

Interim Reports*
Oct. 9, 2017
Dec. 11, 2017
Feb. 26, 2018
April 23, 2018 - Senior interims
April 30, 2018

Report Cards

Nov. 15, 2017 - Elementary school report cards issued
Nov. 15, 2017 - Report cards mailed to middle and high school parents
Jan. 31, 2018 - Three's program, prekindergarten report cards issued
Jan. 31, 2018 - Elementary school report cards issued
Jan. 31, 2018 - Report cards mailed to middle and high school parents
April 4, 2018 - Elementary school report cards issued
April 4, 2018 - Report cards mailed to middle and high school parents
June 8, 2018 - Three's program report cards issued
June 14 and 15, 2018 - Prekindergarten report cards issued
June 15, 2018 - Elementary school report cards issued
June 22, 2018 - Report cards mailed to middle and high school parents

Interim reports are issued to all middle and high school students. Report cards are distributed to all elementary school students. Report cards for middle and high school students are mailed to parents from the Waldorf post office on the dates listed above, and to home addresses on file at the school. If parents/guardians do not receive the report card within three days of the published date, they should contact the school.
* Note: Issuance of interim reports is not limited to published dates. Interim progress reports may be issued at any time and must be issued when a student is in danger of or is failing.

Prekindergarten, kindergarten & grades 1-2

Student performance in prekindergarten, kindergarten, first and second grade is reported to parents using the following ratings:

  • Consistently Demonstrating – indicates that the student is making appropriate progress towards mastery of the skill.

  • Developing – indicates that the student is making progress towards mastery of the skill, but at this time has partial understanding or inconsistent performance.

  • Needs Improvement – indicates that the student's progress is not satisfactory at this time.

Grades 3-5

Teachers evaluate the academic performance for each student four times a year using the following letter grades:

A = Excellent
B = Very good performance
C = Satisfactory performance
D = Minimal performance
E = Unsatisfactory performance

Middle & high school

In middle and high school, student semester and final grades are computed by averaging numerical grades. Quarterly grades are calculated by obtaining a quarterly arithmetic average. In order to prepare grades for report cards, this average is translated into a letter grade.

The grading scale is:

A = 90-100 % = Superior
B = 80-89 % = Above average
C = 70-79 % = Average
D = 60-69 % = Below average
F = 0-59 % = Failure

If a student receives a failing grade because of two or more unlawful absences, the numerical grade assigned to the student will be no higher than 59 percent. Teachers have some discretion and latitude within parameters in devising a grading system and assigning students’ grades; however, such a system should be consistent. Teachers give students a course description that includes information on how grades are calculated.

CCPS has a weighted grade system, giving students the opportunity to earn additional quality points for specified honors and advanced placement courses. The weighted grade point average is calculated and used to determine class rank and academic honors. (See the High School Program of Studies for additional information).

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