Designing Technology Solutions
Designing Technology Solutions

If you have interest in designing computer games, cell phone Apps, robotics, web design, and problem solving using computers the new Designing Technology Solutions class is for you. No computer programming experience needed only a desire to learn and create.

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Why leaning computer programming is important:

Prepare yourself with the 21st century skills needed for success. Sign up for Designing Technology Solutions and you will learn the skills you need to succeed tomorrow

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*Meets the tech requirement credit for graduation

179040 1 credit Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 Code: TE
Prerequisite: Algebra I
In this course, students are introduced to engineering design and development through programming, software
engineering and robotics technology. Students will explore and develop an understanding of technological issues and
their influence on history. Through the study of energy and power, construction, manufacturing and communication,
students will complete projects that enable them to develop software for authentic applications. Students interested in
pursuing a career in computer science are encouraged to take this course.