Student Component

The 3R’s:
Respect, Responsibility and the Right to Learn is the umbrella that we use for all
school-wide efforts. We emphasize a different character trait each month. Those traits
include: Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Fairness, Honesty, Self-Control, Citizenship,
Cooperation and Perseverance.

We believe that these traits affect life choices and behavior. We articulate our
expectations with staff and students through these traits. Our students hear us use
these terms daily as we interact with each other.

Character Education Mission Statement:
Mary B. Neal Elementary School strives to encourage the development of good
character in each individual and the community as a whole. This will be achieved
through the staff teaching and modeling positive character traits with an emphasis on
respect, responsibility, honesty, and caring. Students will learn what actions show good
character and will be able to recognize good choices in self and others. Enhancing
these skills will help our students choose the path of good character throughout their

It is important that positive character traits are taught throughout our school day.
While they are often taught through mini-lessons they are consistently addressed in
reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, health, physical education, music
as well as lunch, recess and assemblies.

Trait of the Month
The trait of the month provides time to focus on that trait although the 3R’s are
constant throughout our school all year. The traits are displayed in each classroom and
the hallways. The hallways are even named after the traits of the month

The trait of the month is highlighted during our closed circuit TV morning
announcements and they are written in our school newsletters to community and
parents as well as displayed on the school marque.

Character Slips
Students are “caught” showing good character. The adult (staff and bus drivers)
complete the character slip form. The student brings the slip to the office and they receive a
sticker telling everyone that they earned a character slip. On Friday we will recognize all students who earned character slips that week through Clap for Character on our morning news broadcast.

Awards Program

Student of the Quarter:

Each staff member selects at least one student to be recognized as a “Student of
the Quarter.” Staff chooses students who consistently show the 3 R’s.

Principal’s Hall of Fame:

The Principal’s Hall of Fame is for students in grades 3, 4, and 5. If the child
receives an “A” in all of the subjects listed on the report card, they earn the Principal’s
Hall of Fame incentive.

Honor Roll:

Mary B. Neal also has an A/B Honor Roll for students in grades 3-5 who earn an
A or B in all subjects listed on the report card.

Personal Responsibility:

This recognition is for students in grades 1 thru 5. The student must earn all “3’s”
or consistently demonstrating on the Learner Characteristic Section of the report card.

Students in grades PreK - 5 who only miss 1 or less days of school are eligible
for the quarterly attendance certificate.

Neal Pledge: It is said each day after the Pledge of Allegiance on the morning

Neal Pledge
As a Neal Blue Crab,
I promise to show the 3Rs;
and the
Right to Learn,
in all that I do. I will
strive for excellence in my attitude,
my behavior and my

Flag Risers:
Our Cub Scout students coordinate the rising of our flags each day. Our Building
Service Manager assists with this program.

Just Say No Club:
One of our teachers coordinates our Just Say No Club. Third and fourth grade
students stay after school to participate in activities that teach them the consequences
to making destructive decisions. The students also participate in countywide activities.

Neal Student Ambassadors:
Approximately 25 students in grades 3, 4 and 5 make up our Student
Ambassadors. These students serve as hosts/hostesses when Neal has visitors.
Students plan monthly school spirit days and assist in school wide events such as
Grandparent Day. The ambassadors also sponsor a scholarship that accompanies our
No Excuses Program. The Student Ambassadors are solely responsible for raising
money that is awarded to a McDonough High School Senior.

Popcorn with the Principal:
Once each quarter, student ambassadors meet with the Principal and school
counselor. Suggestions, comments and concerns from the students’ perspective are
discussed over popcorn and soda.

School Counselor Lessons:
The school counselors teach classroom lessons at all grade levels. Topics
include monthly character traits, social skills, bullying, and friendship.

Come on Down:
Exemplary BCR's are hung in the classroom. Each morning classrooms are
called on the morning announcements. Any students in those classrooms who have a
BCR hanging on the "Come on Down Board" go to the office for an ice cream coupon.

Town Meetings :
The principal, vice principal and school counselors meet with grades 1-5 to
discuss grade level happenings, character education and service projects.