STEM Summer Camps

Project-based Learning Camps available for Grades 4 to 8

How to Register

  1. Read through STEM Camp descriptions below and find the camp or camps that work best for your child and schedule.
  2. Fill out Registration Form (including $40 Registration Fee)
    • If a child is attending multiple camps, only ONE (1) $40 Registration Fee is required per child.
    • *Important* Step 2 is REQUIRED to reserve a slot for your child.
  3. Pay Camp Tuition for each week and Complete required Camp Forms (Link provided in Registration Confirmation Email)

Important Information

  • Snacks & water provided
  • Combined classes in Grades 4/5
  • Combined classes in Grades 6/7
  • Separate class for Grade 8
  • Qualified Staff & Certified Classroom Teachers to lead camps
  • Camp includes Tuesday and Thursday sessions at the St. Charles High School indoor pool (alternative activities for non-swimmers)
  • Students bring their own lunch.
  • Swimmers need a towel and swimsuit.
  • There will be a strict drop off and pick up time for camp. Drop off time to sign your child in for regular camp session is 7:45 AM. Any drop offs before 7:45 will incur a fee. Pick up time is 3:00 PM. If picking up after the 3:15 grace period, a fee will be incurred. Before Care and After Care available with pre-registration.

Camp Descriptions

Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night Camp
Campers will let their creative sides shine as bright as a star! Along with learning more about the night sky, including stars constellations, campers will have the opportunity to develop and present their own planetarium sky shows, using our state of the art Digistar 5 system.
Featuring: Spin Art Star Composition, Create own Constellation, Flashlight Constellations, and more.

Solar Quest

Solar Quest Camp
It’s time to get energized! The Sun is what provides our energy – and gives life to planet Earth, and to the other planets in our solar system. Campers will learn how important the sun is and how the Sun powers all of Earth’s systems as well as ways to be safe in the Sun. Campers will learn Bright Author to develop original touch screen interactive displays.
Featuring: Solar Cars, Solar Art, Solar Jewelry, Solar Cooking, and more.

Science Detectives

Science Detectives Camp
Learn about skills involved in medical pathology, forensic engineering, and forensic toxicology. Campers will use computer-based bridge construction software to develop a prototype bridge and then build an actual bridge, in order to reconstruct a crime scene. Campers will develop and present their own CDC-style report for the “School-itis” epidemic.
Featuring: Bridge destruction simulations, crime scene analysis, Patient Zero Lab, and more.

Chemistry of All Things!

Chemistry of all the things camp
Learn all about the chemistry behind everything we do, from food and the air we breathe, to skin care and cooking. Campers will use their new knowledge to “market” their food and skin care products on social media and print advertising.
Featuring: Solutions vs. Mixtures, Cosmetics Creation, Cooking and Calorimetry, and more.

Extreme Engineering

Extreme Engineering Camp
Campers will use a variety of tools and systems to explore various kinds of engineering, from bridges, to robots.
Featuring: VEX IQ Robotics, LEGO EV 3 Robot obstacle course, Bridge design and build, and more.