STEM Summer Camps

Stay tuned for more information about our Summer 2018 camps!

STEM Summer Camps available for Grades 4 to 8

How to Register

  1. Read through STEM Camp descriptions below and find the camp or camps that work best for your child and schedule.
  2. Fill out Registration Form (including $40 Registration Fee)
    • If a child is attending multiple camps, only ONE (1) $40 Registration Fee is required per child.
    • *Important* Step 2 is REQUIRED to reserve a slot for your child.
  3. Pay Camp Tuition for each week and Complete required Camp Forms (Link provided in Registration Confirmation Email)

Important Information

  • Snacks & water provided
  • Combined classes in Grades 4/5
  • Combined classes in Grades 6/7
  • Separate class for Grade 8
  • Qualified Staff & Certified Classroom Teachers to lead camps
  • Camp includes sessions at the St. Charles High School indoor pool (alternative activities for non-swimmers)
  • Students bring their own lunch.
  • Swimmers need a towel and swimsuit.
  • There will be a strict drop off and pick up time for camp. Drop off time to sign your child in for regular camp session is 7:45 AM. Any drop offs before 7:45 will incur a fee. Pick up time is 3:00 PM. If picking up after the 3:15 grace period, a fee will be incurred. Before Care and After Care available with pre-registration.

Camp Descriptions

Expedition Earth

Become an Eco-Scientist and explore the interactions between the physical, chemical, and biological components of our local environment, including their effects on all types of organisms.
Students will learn about restoring an area wetland, study the animals that live there and visit and restore an area wetlands.
Featuring: A Bugs Life in our Digital Dome Classroom, school campus wetland restoration, fieldtrip to a local wetland, water testing, and plant classification.

Forensic Science

Do you like CSI, NCIS, or Criminal Minds? Then this camp is for you! Spend the week learning about the many aspects of Forensic Science.
Find clues, piece together puzzles, and solve the mysteries left behind at a crime scene. You’ll even learn how forensics are being used to search for extraterrestrial life.
Featuring: Aliens in our Digital Dome Classroom, conduct fingerprinting and the Patient Zero experiment, and solve The Case of the Missing Mayor!

Food Science

Vegetables not your favorite food? Maybe they would taste better if they were cooked on another planet! This camp is for the aspiring chef with “out of this world” ideas! Learn about how cooking times of some of your favorite foods would be different on the planets of our solar system.
Featuring: Perfect Little Planet in our Digital Dome Classroom, calculating weight and temperature, adjusting recipes to account for gravity and air pressure, kitchen safety, and a cooking challenge!

Fun with the Sun

It’s time to get energized! The Sun is what provides our energy – and gives life to planet Earth, and to the other planets in our solar system. Campers will learn how important the sun is and how the Sun powers all of Earth’s systems as well as ways to be safe in the Sun.
Featuring: Solar Quest, Seeing and Light in the Digital Dome Classroom, construction of solar ovens, a solar house, grow your own food, the water cycle, the carbon cycle, and Ultra-Violet jewelry making.