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Copyright protects the works of authors, artists, and composers form being reproduced, performed or disseminated by others without permission.

The owner of the copyright has the exclusive right to that work. This right can be subject to exceptions depending on the type of work and the type of use made by others.

Copyright infringement is any violation of the exclusive right. An exception to the rule of copyright infringement is a concept known as "fair use".

Fair use permits the reproduction of small amounts of copyrighted material for noncommercial or educational purposes, and where copying will have little effect on the value of the original work.

Examples might be: a quotation of excerpts from a book, poem, or play in a critical review; or a quotation of short passages to illustrate a point.

excerpt, Funk and Wagnall's "New World Encyclopedia", 1999

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For additional information you may visit the Library of Congress website or consult your school's library media specialist.

For questions regarding the library media program, contact Dedra Van Gelder.

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