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Schools to host end-of-year promotion and celebratory events

Charles County Public middle and elementary schools have coordinated celebratory events for students who are transitioning to middle or high school, as well as those moving on from prekindergarten and kindergarten.

The following is a list of dates and activities schools have planned for the end of the year. Parents should contact their child’s school direct for specific details, including event times and if the events are open for parent/family participation. Note: These events are open to parents and the school community through invitation only.

Elementary Schools

C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School.

  • Sneaker Ball for fifth-grade students: May 31.
  • Prekindergarten and kindergarten classroom celebrations: week of June 3.
  • Fifth-grade outdoor family celebration: June 5.  

Berry Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade Mark the Moment (rotating stations): June 5.
  • Prekindergarten Sweet Endings celebration: June 6.
  • Kindergarten family picnic: June 6.

Billingsley Elementary School.

  • Prekindergarten end-of-year celebration.
  • June 4 (Ms. Martin) and June 5 (Ms. Feeney).
  • Fifth-grade Mark-the-Moment picnic: June 5 (rain date: June 6).
  • Kindergarten celebration, family luau: June 7. 

Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade cookout: June 6.

Dr. James Craik Elementary School.

  • Prekindergarten performances, picnic and certificates: June 7.
  • Fifth-grade picnic, activities and awards: June 7. 
  • Kindergarten performances and popsicles with parents: June 10.

William A. Diggs Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade Mark the Moment Dance: May 16.
  • Prekindergarten Water Day, year-end classroom celebrations: June 4.
  • Kindergarten end-of-year student celebration (outdoor centers): June 6. 
  • Fifth-grade picnic and celebration: June 7.

Early Learning Center, La Plata.

  • Outdoor fun activities and family picnic: June 7.

Gale-Bailey Elementary School.

  • Kindergarten picnic: June 4.
  • Prekindergarten picnic/celebration: June 6.
  • Fifth-grade awards and picnic: June 7.

F.B. Gwynn Educational Center.

  • EI program picnic: June 5.
  • SOAR fun/family day: June 6.
  • EA program picnic: June 7.

Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade Mark-the-Moment picnic, kickball game and Piccowaxen procession: June 3. 

Indian Head Elementary School.

  • Mark-the-Moment fifth-grade celebration activities: June 7.

Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade picnic: June 6.
  • Prekindergarten individual class celebrations: June 6.
  • Kindergarten individual class celebrations: week of June 3-7.
  • Fifth-grade Mark the Moment: June 7 (Ms. Correll, 9:45 a.m.; Ms. Marshall, 10:30 a.m.; Ms. Renfrow, 11:15 a.m.; and Ms. Russell, noon).

Malcolm Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade Sneaker Ball: May 30.
  • Fifth-grade picnic: June 4.
  • Classroom awards and celebrations: June 5.

T.C. Martin Elementary School.

  • Kindergarten picnic: June 4.
  • Fifth-grade Mark the Moment parade and picnic: June 7.

Mary H. Matula Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade staff, parent and student kickball game, class celebrations, and picnic/lunch: June 7.

Arthur Middleton Elementary School.

  • Kindergarten picnic: June 3. 
  • Prekindergarten popsicles with parents: June 6.
  • Fifth-grade Block Party: June 7.

Walter J. Mitchell Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade parade and celebration activities: June 5.

Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy Elementary School.

  • Kindergarten performance, field day games and picnic: June 4.
  • Fifth grade “Walk Through Their Years:” June 7.

Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade Mark the Moment: June 4.

Mary B. Neal Elementary School.

  • Presidential awards: June 4.
  • Fifth grade picnic and kickball game: June 5.
  • Prekindergarten and kindergarten picnics: June 7. 

J.C. Parks Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade kickball tournament and cookout: May 31.
  • Kindergarten program: June 6.
  • Fifth-grade Mustang Mark-the-Moment activities: June 7.  

J.P. Ryon Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade student and staff kickball game: June 3.
  • Prekindergarten grade-level picnic: June 4.
  • Fifth-grade picnic: June 5.
  • Kindergarten Last Rodeo event: June 6. 
  • Fifth-grade Sneaker Ball: June 7.

Eva Turner Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade parade: June 10.

William B. Wade Elementary School.

  • Fifth-grade Glow Sneaker Ball: May 31.
  • Fifth-grade clap out and celebration: June 6.   

Middle Schools

Theodore G. Davis Middle School.

  • Eighth-grade dance: May 31. 
  • Eighth-grade end-of-year activities: June 10. 

John Hanson Middle School.

  • Eighth-grade field trip: May 29.
  • Eighth-grade cookout, family activities: June 5.
  • Eighth-grade formal: June 7. 

Matthew Henson Middle School.

  • Eighth-grade field trip: May 10.
  • Eighth-grade picnic: June 6.
  • Eighth-grade celebration: June 7. 

Mattawoman Middle School.

  • Eighth-grade field trip: May 17.
  • Eighth-grade semi-formal dance: May 31.
  • Eighth-grade picnic: June 4.

Phoenix International School of the Arts (PISOTA)

  • Eighth-grade promotion activities: June 7.
  • Cookout: June 11.

Piccowaxen Middle School.

  • Eighth-grade field trip: May 24.
  • Eighth-grade awards assembly: June 6.
  • Eighth-grade picnic: June 7. 

General Smallwood Middle School.

  • Eighth-grade field trip: May 24.
  • Grades 6-7 picnic: May 24.
  • Eighth-grade dance: May 31.
  • Eighth-grade picnic/cookout: June 5.
  • Eighth-grade Mark the Moment: June 7.

Milton M. Somers Middle School.

  • Eighth-grade dance: May 10.
  • Eighth-grade field trip: May 23.
  • Eighth-grade yearbook social event, certificates: June 7.

Benjamin Stoddert Middle School.

  • Eighth-grade field trip: May 24.
  • Eighth-grade formal: May 31.
  • Eighth-grade cookout during 4th block: June 6.
  • Eighth-grade promotion walk: June 7.

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