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Gifted Education

Kristen Modes | Content Specialist for Gifted and Differentiated Services

Kristen Modes, M.Ed., NBCT
Content Specialist for Gifted and Differentiated Services


Gifted education services and various enrichment opportunities are available to students of Charles County Public Schools throughout the school year. A Learning Resource Teacher is on staff at every elementary school to collaborate with classroom teachers, provide instruction and support highly able learners.

What is a Learning Resource Teacher?

A Learning Resource Teachers (LRT) is available in every elementary school and is knowledgeable on gifted education, differentiated instruction, cognitive, social and emotional characteristics and needs of gifted learners.  They additionally serve as the testing coordinator for the school.

What Learning Resource Teachers Do

  • We coordinate the Gifted Program at the school level.
  • We coordinate all aspects of educational assessments at the school level.
  • We collaborate with teachers to meet the needs of highly able students.
  • We work with advanced learners in an instructional setting.
  • We implement the gifted identification procedures.
  • We gather and organize data for assessment purposes and for the gifted program.
  • We develop and assist in the implementation of curriculum for advanced learners.
  • We plan and deliver staff development that supports the school.
  • We assist with preparation of summer enrichment programs.