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Fifth Grade Water Safety Program

Fifth Grade Water Safety Program Image

The 5th Grade Water Safety program is designed to teach children to respect the dangers inherent in our local rivers and creeks; to recognize other people in distress and obtain assistance for them; and to react without panic if they find themselves in deep water unexpectedly.  Recent drownings involving children of school age have indicated that this program is needed at the fifth grade level.

This is not a program to teach students to swim

For full enjoyment and benefit from the waters we are so fortunate to have surrounding Charles County, we strongly recommend that you call Community Services, the College of Southern Maryland, or your local community pool and enroll your child in swimming lessons.

This program includes two phases of instruction.  The in-school phase will consist of lecture sessions and take home activities under the direction of the Physical Education teacher. 

Phase 1

Session 1: A film from the Red Cross on Water Safety (Longfellow’s Whale’s Tales).

Session 2: A discussion of the character of our water.

Session 3: A review of general safe conduct around water and how to survive the unexpected (classroom and take home activities).

Phase 2

The entire fifth grade will travel by school bus to North Point, St. Charles or Lackey High School for a full day of in-the-water activities.  These activities are under the direction of the Water Safety Instructor at the high school.

There is no cost for this program, but your child will need to have the following items :

  • Towel
  • Additional change of clothes (advanced and intermediate group only)
  • Large plastic bag (for wet items).
  • Swimsuit is preferred.
    • For boys, a clean pair of shorts will do.
    • For girls, a one-piece bathing suit or two-piece that covers stomach.
  • Boys and girls should wear suits under clothes on day of visit to pool. (Please remember to bring under-garments to wear back to school).