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Technology Education

Technology Education is an experienced based curriculum in which students study technology, its evolution, utilization, and significance. Included in this study are opportunities for students to develop and use problem solving and ingenuity in the solution of real-world engineering problems. Laboratory activities will include the safe use of a wide variety of tools, machines, and materials. A special focus will be placed on the relationship between mathematics, science, and technology education concepts. Students will work independently and collaboratively as part of engineering teams throughout the courses. Specific course content is presented below.  

130434                                      1 credit             Grades 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: Foundations of Technology or completion of Tech Ed credit

This course is a standards-based, technology, and engineering course designed for high school students. There are four instructional units: Manufacturing Technologies, Energy and Power Technologies, Construction Technologies, and Transportation Technologies. Students participating in the course learn concepts and principles utilizing math, science, and technology principles through hands-on applications and research.

130424                                      1 credit             Grades 11, 12 

Prerequisite: Advanced Design Applications (may be taken concurrently)

There are fundamental principles that impact human thinking and actions when engaged in the process of designing technological products. A combination of personal qualities such as creativity and resourcefulness and design constraints imposed by numerous factors are employed in this course to create new or refined technologies. The four units of study are Principles of Design, Engineering Resources, Engineering Design Process, and Project Management. May use drill and saw.

130414                                      1 credit             Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                 Code: TE

This course involves a broad study of technology while preparing students to understand and apply technological concepts and processes. Topics include current and future technological problems and opportunities associated with technology.