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Physical Education

Charles County Public Schools offers a 9th–12th grade physical education program aligned with the Maryland State Department of Education's Framework, creating programs of study that ensure a holistic approach to student development. Recognizing physical education as integral to a student’s overall education, high school students are provided with a variety of experiences that offer thorough knowledge of the content, skills, and the confidence to lead a physically activity and healthy lifestyle. Through physical education, students gain insight into the connection between physical activity and maintenance of lifetime fitness.

Students will be able to:

  • Achieve a mindset that values the benefits of sustaining healthy lifestyles and physical activity.
  • Display the skills and practices of a physically active lifestyle while understanding the benefits of their choices which contribute to the growth and development of the physical, cognitive, and social domains.
  • Learn to select and engage in physical activity for enjoyment and self-expression for lifelong utilization.
  • Become enabled to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a physically activity lifestyle while being able to maintain, or enhance, their own health and the wellness of others.

To be awarded a diploma, a student enrolled in Charles County Public Schools is required to earn a minimum of 23 credits that includes:

Physical Education: ½ credit Fitness for Life

Topics Covered – Fitness for Life:

  • Personal Fitness
  • Components of Fitness
  • Goal Setting
  • Guidelines for Exercise
  • Principles of Training
  • Fitness Plan Design
  • Nutrition

Elective Courses Include:

  • Advanced Physical Education
  • Aerobics
  • Lifetime Sports
  • Physical Education & Sports
  • Physical Education Leadership
  • Sports Officiating
  • Swimming & Conditioning
  • Swimming & Lifeguarding
  • Walking for Wellness
  • Water Safety Instructor
  • Weight Training

The physical education program is committed to embracing and respecting safe learning experiences for all students.  To develop physical literacy, students will explore and investigate skills, concepts, and strategies that cultivate lifelong wellness and confidence in movement.  In physical education, all students are expected to wear appropriate attire for the purpose of ensuring the safety and hygiene of each participant. This practice continues to be an important component of the physical education program.

The State of Maryland requires all K-12 grade students to have access to physical education. Modifications can be made based on physical limitations or medical conditions of the student. The unique and specific needs of individuals with disabilities may require accommodation and strategies to provide effective instruction. Adapted Physical Education (APE) services support students when participating in general physical education with established curricula whenever appropriate.