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Middle School Health Education

Charles County Public Schools offers a 6th – 8th grade Comprehensive Skills-Based Health Education program that aligns with the Maryland State Department of Education’s Framework. This program focuses on developing skills that facilitate health-enhancing lifestyle choices. Each school year, middle school students engage in one 9-week session of health education. For grades 6-8, the curriculum is designed to guide students in recognizing the benefits of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and assess health information for their own well-being. Instruction emphasizes cultivating positive, lifelong, health-promoting attitudes and behaviors. The content is tailored to instill age-appropriate skills for a healthy lifestyle, including effective communication, critical thinking, and responsible decision-making. Effort is placed on fostering health-enhancing behaviors while also equipping students to access reliable information and evaluate influences. The use of developmentally appropriate instructional materials ensures that the content is medically accurate, scientifically grounded, and delivered to the highest standards. This content progression enables students to develop a comprehensive understanding of health education concepts, enhancing their overall well-being.

Students will be able to:

  • Obtain, interpret, and understand health information and services.
  • Apply fundamental health information to make informed decisions.
  • Take charge of their well-being and choose a healthy lifestyle.
  • Develop the knowledge and ability to maintain and enhance their own health or the health of others.

Charles County Public Schools provides middle school students with age-appropriate comprehensive health education, covering the following topics:

Units Covered – 6th – 8th Grade Health Education:

  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Family Life and Human Sexuality
  • Safety and Violence Prevention
  • Healthy Eating
  • Disease Prevention & Control

Additional Topics:

  • Project D.A.R.E (6th Grade) 

Instructed by the Charles County Sheriff’s Office

  • Student Service Learning (8th Grade)

Charles County Public Schools requirement for high school graduation

Family Life and Human Sexuality instruction is inclusive and accessible to all students, regardless of ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. Instruction emphasizes abstinence as the most effective method for avoiding sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and unintended pregnancy. Additionally, instruction provides medically accurate information about contraception and condoms to further address these risks. This instruction is aligned with the standards outlined in Maryland State Regulation 13A.14.18.01.

Parents/legal guardians of PK-12 students have the opportunity to view instructional materials used in the teaching of Family Life and Human Sexuality objectives. They also maintain the right to opt their student(s) out of this instruction without penalty.  In such cases, students who are opted out will engage in alternative learning activities in health education, with the potential inclusion of menstruation instruction at the discretion of the parent/legal guardian. Unless the Charles County Public Schools Family Life & Human Sexuality Opt-out Form is signed and returned, all students will receive instruction. The opt-out form will be distributed by the school or teacher providing instruction prior to the scheduled instruction taking place. 

Charles County Public Schools delivers age-appropriate Family Life & Human Sexuality instruction for middle school students, covering the following topics:

Charles County Public Schools is dedicated to providing a comprehensive health education program that empowers students to make informed decisions about their well-being. Through the exploration of skills and concepts promoting lifelong wellness, we instill a mindset valuing the advantages of a healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum is carefully designed to emphasize the importance of health-enhancing behaviors. With age-appropriate materials and a thoughtfully structured progression, we ensure that students receive the highest standard of health education. We are committed to contributing to shaping a brighter and healthier future for all our students.