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Attendance Tracking System

Daily attendance is expected in all classes during the CCPS Reopening Plan. Attendance is taken using Synergy and is available to parents through the parent portal. A student is marked present for a class when they are in the classroom available for learning. Elementary teachers take attendance before each subject begins and secondary teachers  take attendance before each class period begins.

A student enrolled in virtual instruction is marked present for a class when the teacher admits them into the virtual classroom via the waiting room. Student engagement in virtual instruction is monitored through the online discussion thread or through visual or auditory participation. If there is a consistent lack of engagement, teachers notify parents and use school-based supports such as the Student Support Team, school counselor and psychologist. Students are considered tardy if they join a live lesson 10 minutes after instruction begins.

Parents/guardians must submit a note by email to the attendance secretary if a student will be absent for a full or partial school day. All absences for which no documentation is received after three days is considered unlawful. The parent/guardian is expected to call the school after the third day of consecutive absences. If the parent/guardian does not call after the third day, the school may call the family. A medical verification should be obtained by the parent/guardian for students who have missed virtual instruction for an extended period of time.