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Continuity of Learning and Services Plan

In the event students must quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19, access to learning and services will continue.

Quarantine procedures are communicated to students, staff, and the community through the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures document on the CCPS website. When a student or staff member presents positive test results, is symptomatic, or is exposed to COVID-19, they are expected to contact CCPS. When a student is in isolation or quarantine and cannot attend school, they are marked absent from school. This absence is coded as a medical absence. When a student or staff member is required to quarantine or isolate, they will receive individualized information about their quarantine or isolation period and the date they may return to school. This information will be dependent upon COVID-19 test results, exposure, and symptoms. This information will be shared with individuals through a personal conversation or phone call.

Delivery of Instruction

Students in quarantine or isolation have the opportunity to continue learning when they cannot attend school in person. Each CCPS teacher uploads their assignments to their Learning Management System (LMS). Each student in CCPS has access to all of their assignments at all times by accessing their LMS. When a student is unable to attend school in person, the student can access all assignments from the LMS and complete them, using a dropbox to turn them in or submitting them once the student has returned to school. Additionally, students can complete assignments and assessments within a reasonable time after returning to school in person. Grades for assignments and assessments will be recorded in the same manner that in-person student work is graded. In other words, full credit may be earned for completing assignments while in isolation or quarantine.

Each school has a Continuity of Learning Plan posted on their school website. That plan identifies a Continuity of Learning point of contact at the school. Students who have questions about their assignments, the content, technology support, or classwork can reach out to the school’s point of contact. Each school also has a posted schedule designating staff who are available throughout the day to provide instructional support to each student in quarantine or isolation. The staff includes teachers, administrators, or instructional support staff as designated by each principal. In order to engage students in the continuity of learning, the school staff designated to provide instructional support are contacting students in isolation or quarantine to answer any questions they have about accessing their assignments or continuing their learning.

Students with service plans also have access to continuity of learning. Their assignments will be available on their teachers’ LMS pages. School staff will contact students in isolation or quarantine to ensure they have access to their assignments and determine how they can provide instructional support throughout the day while they are in isolation or quarantine.