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Internet and Cell Phone Resources

CCPS staff created this guide to aid parents in managing cell phone and Internet usage. Your child may experience lack of sleep or possibly be using a cell phone during school hours, which is a distraction to learning. If you have these concerns, then this guide may help you. 

The Code of Student Conduct is clear about what is and is not allowed concerning usage in school. Students and parents should read the Code of Student Conduct carefully to be aware of the levels of response related to cell phone misuse at school. If you have an emergency and need to contact your child, please call the school office. Staff hope these resources will help you learn about parental controls on devices and streaming services that connect to the internet. 

Getting Started with Parental Controls

" Landline rotary telephones, pen pal letters, public telephone booths or passing notes in class are a few examples of how tweens and teens connected before the Internet existed. Today's online communications allow young people to connect using text message, chat, emojis, secret apps and more."
-Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, JD, Law Professor and Digital Parenting Expert