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Virtual Academy

RDStethem EC

Robert D. Stethem Educational Center
7775 Marshall Corner Road
Pomfret, Maryland 20675
Phone:  (301) 932 -6612
Fax:   (301) 932 -6613

Offering Online High School Courses Using a Virtual Learning Approach

Virtual Academy is an educational program that is offered through the Charles County Public Schools using staff located at the Robert D. Stethem Educational Center and is an extension of the services offered through the regular high school program. It provides online high school courses through the digital platform APEX Learning. Credit is awarded upon satisfactory completion of subject requirements. Students who enroll in Virtual Academy are self-motivated independent learners who have basic computer skills.

The expansion of Virtual Academy will offer on grade level courses from grades 9-12 and will include Honors and select Advanced Placement Classes.  Students will continue to have a graduation path, through the World Language completer or Business Management & Finance.  Courses in Project Lead the Way, dual enrollment, and/or Career and Technical Education (CTE) Completer Programs will not be available in Virtual Academy (with the exception of Business Management & Finance).  

Registration is closed for the Virtual Academy for the 2022-2023 school year. 

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