Program Description
This Program prepares students for college-level programs in various areas of Business Management.  Students have real-world experiences in the world of business that include writing a business plan, handling financial obligations and budgeting and becoming an entrepreneur.  Graduates may earn college credit through articulation agreements, dual enrollment, or by taking the A*S*K exam.

Available College Credits Available Certifications
College of Southern Maryland (6 Credits) A*S*K Certification


Course Sequence
Principles of Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Principles of Accounting and Finance
Advanced Business Management
Business Capstone or AP Economics


Sample High School Schedule

 9th Grade  10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade
 1 Technology Education Requirement Principles of Business Management Principles of Accounting and Finance
Advanced Business Management
 2 Health/Fitness For Life Requirement  Elective  Financial Literacy Business Capstone
 3 Fine Arts Requirement  Elective
 Elective  Elective
 4 Science Requirement Science Requirement  Science Requirement  Science Requirement
 5 History Requirement History Requirement  History Requirement  Elective
 6 English Requirement English Requirement  English Requirement  English Requirement
 7 Math Requirement Math Requirement  Math Requirement Math Requirement 


High Schools that offer the Program
Lackey High School
La Plata High School
McDonough High School
North Point High School
St. Charles High School
Thomas Stone High School
Westlake High School