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Culinary Arts

Program Description
The Culinary Arts program is proud of it's 100% accreditation through the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC) from 2017 - 2020, assuring that the program meets a minimum of standards and competencies to prepare students for successful careers in the food and beverage and hotel & restaurant management. Students may earn industry certification and credit toward becoming a Certified Culinarian (CC) or a Certified Pastry Culinarian (CPC). Culinary Arts students will develop a variety of skills relating to food service, including services by restaurants, catering and institutional food providers and other recreational and entertainment venues.

Classroom and on-the-job experiences include laboratory, theory, community and shop work as they relate to planning, selecting, purchasing, preserving, preparing and serving food. An emphasis on culinary nutrition will enable students to create successful menus as culinary professionals. Commercial kitchen management, food safety and sanitation, food preparation and presentation will be emphasized.

Available Certifications   Available College Credits
ACF : Certified Fundamentals Cook (CFC) Certification
ACF : Certified Fundamentals Pastry Cook (CFPC) Certification
  Stratford University 
Johnson & Wales 

Course Sequence
Culinary Basics- Foundations of Professional Cooking
Professional Cooking
Advanced Professional Cooking/Baking

Sample High School Schedule

   9th Grade  10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade
 1 Elective Elective Professional Cooking Advanced Professional Cooking/Baking
 2 Health/Fitness For Life Requirement Culinary Basics- Foundations of Professional Cooking Professional Cooking Advanced Professional Cooking/Baking
 3 Fine Arts Requirement  Financial Literacy  Elective Advanced Professional Cooking/Baking
 4 Science Requirement Science Requirement  Science Requirement Elective
 5 History Requirement History Requirement  History Requirement Elective
 6 English Requirement English Requirement  English Requirement English Requirement
 7 Math Requirement Math Requirement  Math Requirement Math Requirement
8 Technology Education Requirement Elective Elective Elective

  *Note: The schedule above is a sample only. Students should always review course selections with school counselors and refer to the current Charles County Public Schools High School Program of Studies.*

High Schools that Offer the Program
North Point High School- Students apply in 8th grade