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ASVAB Score Interpretation

Education Careers

Program Description
The Education Careers program prepares future teachers and combines the Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM) and Early Childhood Studies. It explores the teaching professions in early childhood, elementary and secondary education. During the eight-course sequence, students explore human growth and development, local, national and global issues in education, effective teaching strategies and complete an internship at the level a student wishes to teach. In addition, students explore theories of development, developmentally appropriate practices and implement lessons in our licensed onsite childcare facility.

Possible Certifications and College Credits

Available College Credits Available Certifications

Bowie State University (3 credits)
College of Southern Maryland (3 Credits)
Coppin State University (3 Credits + Scholarship)
Frostburg University (6 Credits)
Hood College (3 Credits + Scholarship)
McDaniel College (Scholarship)
Morgan State University (3 Credits)
Salisbury University (3, 4, or 5 Credits + Scholarship)
St. Mary's College of Maryland (4 Credits + Scholarship)
Stevenson University (3 or 6 Credits)
Towson University (3 Credits + Scholarship)

Praxis I

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Course Sequence
Human Growth and Development
Early Childhood Education/ Childcare I
Early Childhood Education/ Childcare Internship
Teaching as a Profession
Early Childhood Education/ Childcare II
Foundations of Curriculum/Instruction
Early Childhood Education Capstone
Education Academy Internship

Sample High School Schedule

Prerequisite: Students must be CPR/First Aid Safety certified prior to beginning their junior year.

   9th Grade  10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade
 1 Elective Human Growth and Development Early Childhood Education/Childcare I Early Childhood Education/Childcare II
 2 Health/Fitness For Life Requirement Elective Early Childhood Education/Childcare Internship Early Childhood Education Capstone
 3 Fine Arts Requirement Financial Literacy Teaching as a Profession Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction
 4 Science Requirement Science Requirement Science Requirement Elective
 5 History Requirement History Requirement History Requirement Education Academy Internship
 6 English Requirement English Requirement English Requirement English Requirement
 7 Math Requirement Math Requirement Math Requirement Math Requirement
8 Technology Education Requirement Elective Elective Elective

  *Note: The schedule above is a sample only. Students should always review course selections with school counselors and refer to the current Charles County Public Schools High School Program of Studies.*

High Schools that Offer the Program
North Point High School- Students apply in 8th grade

Post-Program Completion College Verification Forms
Below are the forms required for each college/university in order to take advantage of credit/scholarship articulation agreements.
Bowie State University
College of Southern Maryland (CSM)
Coppin State University
Frostburg State University
Hood College
McDaniel College
Morgan State University
St. Mary's College of Maryland
Salisbury University
Stevenson University
Towson University