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Program Description
The North Point Engineering program is designed for college-bound students who have a strong math and science background and interest, and who wish to pursue a career in engineering. This program encompasses a wide variety of engineering principles including the design process, manufacturing processes, technological systems and problem-based learning used in a variety of engineering field. Through their studies, students will have the opportunity to enhance and extend their study of engineering principles. Students will examine electronics, computer applications, robotics, CADD, materials science, physics and computer engineering programming languages such as MATLAB. Analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating data will be stressed through laboratory experiences and project design culminating in a senior research and design patent project. Students in this program will need to earn two Advanced Technology Education credits to meet graduation requirements. A minimum of two years of a foreign language are recommended.

Course Sequence
Introduction to Engineering
Engineering Fundamentals
Computer Applications for Engineers
Engineering Applications
Advanced Engineering Research and Design

Sample High School Schedule

   9th Grade  10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade
 1 Health/Fitness For Life Requirement

AP Physics 1          

Engineering Applications:(MAT SCI)

Advanced Engineering Research/Design
 2 Fine Arts Requirement Engineering Fundamentals Engineering Applications:(MAT LAB) Elective
 3 Introduction to Engineering Computer Apps for Engineers Financial Literacy Elective
 4 English Requirement English Requirement English Requirement English Requirement
 5 Math Requirement Math Requirement Math Requirement Math Requirement
 6 Science Requirement Science Requirement Science Requirement Elective
 7 History Requirement History Requirement History Requirement Elective 
8 World Language Requirement World Language Requirement Elective Elective

  *Note: The schedule above is a sample only. Students should always review course selections with school counselors and refer to the current Charles County Public Schools High School Program of Studies.*

High Schools that Offer the Program
North Point High School- Students apply in 8th grade