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Program Description
The Barbering Program prepares students to become licensed professional barber-stylists.  This program teaches a wide variety of skills and topics including, the history of barbering, life skills, professional image, infection control, the basics of chemistry and electricity, properties of the skin hair and scalp, men's facial massage and treatments, nail care and men's and women's haircutting and styling. Emphasis is placed on hygiene, safety, sanitation, and state board rules and regulations.  Related areas of instruction include human anatomy, physiology, chemistry, consumer relations, and employability skills.  Students will participate in work-based learning experience for barbering that occurs during the senior year of the program at which time they receive practical work experience in the barbering industry under the supervision of a licensed Master barber, certificated by the Maryland State Department of Education.  Students are expected to pass all courses and take the Maryland State Board Barbering Examination (either 900 hr. or 1200 hr.) prior to graduation. 

Available Certifications
Maryland State Board Barber-Stylist License

Course Sequence
Principles and Practice of Barbering
Advanced Barbering and Application
Barbering Capstone

Sample High School Schedule

   9th Grade  10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade
 1 Technology Education Requirement Elective  Principles & Practice of Barbering Barbering Capstone
 2 Health/Fitness For Life Requirement Elective Advanced Barbering and Application Barbering Capstone
 3 Fine Arts Requirement Financial Literacy Advanced Barbering and Application Barbering Capstone
 4 Science Requirement Science Requirement  Science Requirement Elective
 5 History Requirement History Requirement  History Requirement Elective
 6 English Requirement English Requirement  English Requirement English Requirement
 7 Math Requirement Math Requirement  Math Requirement Math Requirement

  *Note: The schedule above is a sample only. Students should always review course selections with school counselors and refer to the current Charles County Public Schools High School Program of Studies.*

High Schools that Offer the Program
Robert D. Stethem Educational Center- Students apply in 10th grade