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Career Research and Development (CRD)

Program Description
This program allows students to develop competency in skills for success such as communication, interpersonal, technology, and critical thinking in order to attain and hold professional employment.  Students will also be required to prepare for and participate in an interview process and experience work-based learning during their senior year.  Work-based learning experiences often lead to permanent job placement that continues through post-secondary education, or as students enter into the workforce.

Course Sequence
Career Research and Development I
Career Development: Preparation and Transition Course II
Work Based Learning (WBL) Experience

Sample High School Schedule

   9th Grade  10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade
 1 Technology Education Requirement Elective CRD I CRD II
 2 Health/Fitness For Life Requirement Elective Financial Literacy Work Based Learning (For WBL requirements, students gain employment in the community for work based experience.)
 3 Fine Arts Requirement Elective  Elective
 4 Science Requirement Science Requirement Science Requirement
 5 History Requirement History Requirement History Requirement
 6 Math Requirement Math Requirement Math Requirement Math Requirement
 7 English Requirement English Requirement English Requirement English Requirement 

  *Note: The schedule above is a sample only. Students should always review course selections with school counselors and refer to the current Charles County Public Schools High School Program of Studies.*

High Schools that offer the Program
Lackey High School
La Plata High School
McDonough High School
North Point High School
St. Charles High School
Thomas Stone High School
Westlake High School