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Home and Hospital Instruction


Home and Hospital Instruction provides instructional continuity to public school students, PreK-12, who are unable to participate in their regular school of enrollment due to a physical illness/injury, emotional crisis (including substance abuse), pregnancy, or chronic health impairment(s). The program, which is by design temporary, is a short-term service not intended to replace school services. Home and hospital teaching does not replicate the classroom experience and is not intended to help students make up past work.

Home and Hospital Instruction allows students the opportunity to continue their academic education as they prepare for their eventual return to the school building. In order to be eligible for services, the student must be expected to be absent from school for a projected period of more than three (3) consecutive weeks as a result of a physical or emotional condition.

Pregnant students are expected to attend school during their pregnancy. The doctor must provide an estimated date of delivery on the application. Instructional services are provided for six (6) weeks postpartum.

Instruction services may be provided in the  home, hospital, community setting, or virtually. State regulations require local school systems begin providing instructional services within ten (10) school days of receipt of the application. The length of instruction for students in a full-day program is six (6) hours per week and three (3) hours of instruction to students enrolled in the partial-day program. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) team determines the number of instructional hours for students receiving special education services. State regulations require that an individual possessing a minimum of a bachelor’s degree deliver instructional services. These individuals are assigned by the Home and Hospital Office.

The student completes all required assignments just as required in the regular school setting. Each student is required to have a device and regular access to the internet. Due to the limited number of hours of actual instruction, students complete a great deal of the work independently. An adult (21 or older) must be at home during the time the home instructor is present and providing instruction. At the end of each session, the adult is required to sign the home instructor’s log verifying their visit.

For further information please contact:  
Brooke Kohlhorst
Coordinator of Special Programs
Beverly Goodell
Home and Hospital Program Facilitator