Which Band/Orchestra/Chorus do I Belong too?

Charles County Public Schools orchestrates two Elementary All-County Bands/Orchestras. Once nominated, the student participates in the Band or Orchestra based upon the school he/she attends, using route 301 as the divide for an Eastern Band and a Western Band. School assignments are listed below. Please follow the appropriate schedule.

Eastern Band/Orchestra/Chorus
Western Band/Orchestra/Chorus
Dr. Gustavus Brown C.Paul Barnhart
Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Berry
Malcolm Dr. James Craik
T.C. Martin William A. Diggs
Matula Gale-Bailey
Arthur Middleton Indian Head
Walter J. Mitchell Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer
Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy
Mary Burgess Neal J.C. Parks
J.P. Ryon William B. Wade
Eva Turner