Physical Education

Physical Education Standards


Biomechanical Principles

Standard 3: Motor Learning Principles

Students will demonstrate the ability to use motor skill principles to learn and develop proficiency through frequent practice opportunities in which skills are repeatedly performed correctly in a variety of situations.

Standard 4: Exercise Physiology

Students will demonstrate the ability to use scientific principles to design and participate in a regular, moderate to vigorous physical activity program that contributes to personal health and enhances cognitive and physical performance in a variety of academic, recreational, and life tasks.

Standard 5: Physical Activity

Students will demonstrate the ability to use the principles of exercise physiology, social psychology, and biomechanics to design and adhere to a regular, personalized, purposeful program of physical activity consistent with their health, performance, and fitness goals in order to gain health and cognitive/academic benefits.

Standard 6: Social Psychological Principles

Students will demonstrate the ability to use skills essential for developing self-efficacy, fostering a sense of community, and working effectively with others in physical activity settings.

5th Grade Water Safety

Parent volunteer help is needed for in-the-pool duties associated with the program. 
If you are interested, please the Physical Education teacher at your child’s school.
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