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Office of School Administration and Leadership

Chief of Schools

Marvin Jones

Marvin Jones, Ed.D.

  • Works with parents and school officials to resolve parent concerns
  • Point of contact for outside agencies, organizations, and businesses requesting interaction with the schools
  • Reviews and approves out of county/state/country and overnight field trips
  • Coordinates monthly student recognition to the Board of Education
  • Assists with planning for principal and vice principal meetings
  • Serves on The Washington Post Principals' Advisory Board
  • Member of the Superintendent's hearing review committee
  • Coordinates the hearing process for student disciplinary matters
  • Coordinates all high school graduations
  • Assists with coordination of student services activities
  • Assists with athletics and co-curricular activities
  • Coordinates school bands for community activities
  • Reviews all school-level requisitions
Angel Willett
Angel Willett
Executive Assistant to the Chief of Schools
Angela Cauthorn
Angela Cauthorn
Finance Secretary to the Chief

Executive Directors of Schools

Rick Conley

Richard Conley
Executive Director

Linda Gill
Linda Gill, Ed.D.
Executive Director
jaime whitfield-coffen
Jaime Whitfield-Coffen
Executive Director
Anne Marie Murphy
Annemarie Murphy
School Administration Secretary

Director of Student Activities, Athletics & Aquatics

Richard Pauole image
Richard Pauole
Coordinates student activities, athletics and graduations


Director of Community Engagement and Equity

Sylvia Royster

Sylvia Royster

The director of community engagement and equity oversees CCPS community-building activities, programs and opportunities, equity programs and trainings, and targeted stakeholder engagement.  The director will also assist schools with community engagement programs and provide support to school administrators with specific school-community stakeholder engagement programs.

Christine Paul
Christine Paul
Community Engagement and Equity Specialist
  Ginny Hall
Secretary to the Director
Community Engagement and Equity

Director of Student Engagement and Conduct

Charmaine Young Waddy

Charmaine Young-Waddy
Student Conduct/Engagement Officer

  • Works with parents and school officials to resolve parent concerns
  • Develop strategies, provide resources and facilitate programs that promote school attendance, academic achievement and increased opportunities to reduce retentions and increase the graduation rate
  • Liaison for the courts and the Department of Juvenile Services
  • Conduct discipline hearings and attendance reviews
Charles Gammons
Student Engagement and Conduct Specialist
Phea Richards 2
Phea Richards
Secretary, Student Engagement and Conduct

Director of School Safety and Security

Jason Stoddard

Jason Stoddard

The director of school safety and security is responsible for developing a school system safety and security plan, executing the plan and serving as advisor to Superintendent and other school personnel on school safety, collaborating with the School Resource Officers to provide daily school-based policing, safety and crime prevention.  

  Mary Aron
Secretary to the Director of Safety and Security & Secretary Superintendent's Office
Safety and Security