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Transfer Policy

Charles County Public Schools Service-Learning Transfer Policy

For out-of-county students transferring to the school system after the 9th grade, the service learning recorded on the permanent record is accepted by Charles County Public Schools. A student transferring to the system from out-of-state will be held responsible for the units during which they are in Charles County. If the student has not completed service-learning by the conclusion of 9th grade, an independent study packet that contains all the aspects of Preparation – Action – Reflection must be completed.

Students transferring out of the Charles County Public School System are provided with an equivalency chart. These charts accompany the transfer records of the student to the next school system. In the event that the new school system uses hours as a measure of service learning completion, and because Charles County does not*, the chart (below) provides the necessary transfer information.

A student who has completed… Has completed a total of … And has a cumulative of…
Sixth grade (6) 10 service learning hours 10 hours of service learning
Seventh grade (7) 25 service learning hours 35 hours of service learning
Eighth grade (8) 15 service learning hours 50 hours of service learning
Ninth grade (9) 25 service learning hours 75 hours of service learning

* In accordance with Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 13A.03.02.06, Charles County Public Schools has locally-designed program in student service that has been approved by the State Superintendent of Schools.