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Pupil Personnel Workers

What is a Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)?

Pupil personnel workers hold a unique position in the school system. Many of their activities, while directly impacting students, involve working with parents, community agencies, teachers, school counselors, school psychologists, and other educational specialists both inside and outside the school. Their work has as its major focus working hand in hand with the home, school and community to ensure students receive the best services and education possible. Their efforts are directed at enabling students to reach their fullest potential and become productive members of society.

Pupil personnel workers are assigned to all schools in Charles County and provide services to students and their families.  Any questions, please contact Garcia Dixon.  Garcia Dixon can also be contacted regarding Verification of Domicile and Kinship Care concerns.

Garcia Dixon
Supervising Pupil Personnel Worker

Sandra Savoy
Secretary to Supervising PPW

A Day in the Life of a PPW

CCPS-TV Feature on PPWs

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PPWs by School

School PPW’s  Name Scheduled Days Email address
Barnhart Zarina Ameen Monday PM, Tuesday
Berry Justine Jewell Monday PM, Wednesday, Thursday PM
Billingsley Tayanisha Tavares Monday, Thursday 
Brown Zarina Ameen Monday AM, Wednesday
Craik Ronnie Richmond, II Tuesday
Davis Linda Stocks Daily
Diggs Justine Jewell Monday AM, Thursday AM, Friday
ELC Ronnie Richmond, II As needed
Gale-Bailey Paul Alvarez Wednesday
Gwynn Donna Robinson Wednesday AM
Hanson Michael Davis Daily
Henson Mildred Alexander-Moses Daily
Higdon Donna McPherson Thursday
Indian Head Sheryl Morrison As needed
Jenifer Ronnie Richmond, II Monday, Thursday
Lackey Brittany Williams Daily
La Plata Cheryl Birmingham Daily
Malcolm Paul Alvarez Monday
Martin Donna McPherson Tuesday and Wednesday
Mattawoman Tiara King-Phillips Daily
Matula Ronnie Richmond, II Wednesday, Friday
McDonough John Hairston Daily
Middleton Tayanisha Tavares Tuesday, Wednesday
Mitchell Donna McPherson Monday, Friday
Mount Hope Sheryl Morrison As needed
Mudd Tayanisha Tavares Friday
Neal Paul Alvarez Tuesday
North Point Monica Cherry Daily
Parks Sheryl Morrison As needed
Piccowaxen Krysta Jones Daily
PISOTA Michael Davis As needed
Ryon Paul Alvarez Thursday, Friday
Smallwood Lisa Glenn Daily
Somers Pam Jenkins Daily
St. Charles Neal Bankenstein Daily
Stethem La’Tonia Bowman Daily
Stoddert Donna Robinson Daily
Stone Kristin Carter Daily
Turner Zarina Ameen Thursday, Friday
Wade Justine Jewell

Westlake Tina Laury Daily