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College Full-time Waiver

The Full-time College Waiver offers high school students the opportunity to attend the College of Southern Maryland on a full-time basis during their senior year and meet their requirements for graduation. As officially enrolled CSM students, students will have access to all CSM related services, programs, and facilities and be eligible to participate in all CSM events and student activities for which they qualify. Students may earn credit in college-level course work, which may be applied to the completion of academic programs at CSM or considered for transfer by other colleges and universities in the state of Maryland.

Full-time College Waiver Requirements

  • Students must have a minimum of 22 credits at the end of junior year.

  • Students must have met all graduation requirements other than senior English.

  • Students must have met their Algebra I, English 10, LSN Govt. and Science assessments and SSL requirement.

  • Student must show they are College and Career ready by having a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 2.75 or higher to participate in the Full-time Program at CSM.

  • Students must enroll in, and successfully complete a minimum of 4 courses (no fewer than 12 credits) each semester at CSM, including two semesters of Freshman English (English 1010/1020 or higher at CSM) during the senior year. (Successful completion of English 1010/1020 fulfills the English IV graduation requirement.)

  • Students may NOT participate in extracurricular & athletic activities, academic contests, and student rank at their school.

  • Students MAY participate in commencement activities (prom, senior trip/pictures).

  • Students must contact appropriate school personnel for Senior activity information.

  • Students must arrange to have a CSM transcript sent to high school counselor upon completion of each semester.

  • Students must apply to CSM by the last day of school for students of Junior year.

Apply for a full-time college waiver at CSM