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College and Career Centers

There is a wealth of information available for career and college planning. Much of it is free and interactive. Click on the name of your high school below to get to the College and Career Center webpage.

Each career center website is updated monthly and includes dates of upcoming visits by college admissions officers, military recruiters, business representatives, as well as details on scholarships and financial aid. Visit the Useful Student Links section on the school system website for links to other helpful resources.

While some colleges and universities have moved to a test-optional format for admissions, most still require test scores for merit aid. CCPS staff strongly encourages students to take the SAT or ACT and have a test score in case it is required by the school the student is applying to attend. The two tests differ in important ways, so students can take the free practice tests to figure out which one best shows their strengths. Go to and, following the links to Test Prep.

Students should take the ACT and/or SAT tests for the first time in the Spring of their junior year.  Waiting until their senior year means that students could miss out on literature and special offers, such as a waiver of the application fee.

Trade associations often offer apprenticeships for high school graduates. For mechanical trades, such as HVAC, plumbing and steamfitters, contact the U.A. Mechanical Trades Schools at (301) 341-1555. Students can also contact the unions representing the various trades for a listing of training opportunities.

Not sure of your career interests? Try the free interest inventory at Xello in the Clever app found in a student's Office365 account. 

For questions regarding the counseling program, please contact Jacqueline Cheaves at (301) 934-7334.