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CCPS Vehicle Flagging Procedures

CCPS staff members must complete an approval and training process before they are eligible to drive a CCPS vehicle. Please review the CCPS vehicle driver requirements below to determine your initial eligibility.

CCPS Vehicle Driver Eligibility Requirements

  1. All drivers must hold a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years of age. All drivers who transport students must hold a valid driver’s license and be 25 years of age to transport students.
  2. All drivers must complete the Driver Flagging procedures through the Office of Risk Management.
  3. All drivers transporting students must complete and pass a Defensive Driving course.
  4. All drivers transporting students must receive a negative controlled substance test result (drug & alcohol).
  5. By the conclusion of SY2021-22, all drivers who transport students must complete 4 hours of pre-service training, and 1 hour behind-the-wheel training.

Drivers must also complete 2 hours of in-service training annually.

Step 1

Staff members must go through the CCPS Driver Flagging procedure in order to operate CCPS vehicles for school-related purposes.

To begin the process and procure the proper paperwork, CCPS staff should contact the Department of Safety & Risk Management and speak with either Mr. Byran Cummings ( or Mr. Glenn Belmore (

Step 2

Once approved to drive CCPS vehicles through the Department of Safety & Risk Management flagging process, CCPS staff should then contact Mr. John Kraft in Transportation to begin the process for requesting the use of CCPS vehicles.

  1. The requesting CCPS employee must read, acknowledge, and sign the CCPS Vehicle Use Procedures, complete the Vehicle Use Request Form, have the supervising teacher/sponsor and principal/office head sign the request, scan both forms and then email them to Mr. John Kraft for review.
  2. Upon receipt of the form, Mr. John Kraft will notify the designated driver(s) via e-mail/phone call to let them know the vehicle(s) have been approved or denied.
  3. AT THIS TIME, the vehicle will be booked for use.

The CCPS Vehicle Use Procedures acknowledgement and Vehicle Use Request Form should be completed, scanned, and sent to Mr. John Kraft (

Vehicle Use Procedures and Vehicle Use Request Form

If you have any questions about this process, please contact either Mr. Cummings or Mr. Belmore in the Department of Safety & Risk Management, or Mr. John Kraft in Transportation.