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School Bus Resources

School Bus Facts

The word bus is an abbreviation of Omnibus, which was first used in 1829 in Nantes, France.  Voiture omnibus comes from both French and Latin and means Vehicle for all


School buses have become much more efficient and environmentally friendly in recent years.
In fact, 60 of today’s school buses produce fewer combined emissions than one school bus from 2002.

EPA Emissions Standards

Not all school buses are alike.

Different Types of School Bus Vehicles

School Bus Safety Web Resources

Utilize the resources below to learn more about school transportation.

Maryland State Laws & Regulations Regarding Pupil Transportation

MDOT-Motor Vehicle Administration-Highway Safety Programs

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration-School Bus Safety

National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT)

School Transportation News

School Bus Fleet

Operation Lifesaver: Rail Safety Education

School Bus Safety Printable Resources

MVA Bus Safety Information

School Bus Safety Features 

School Bus Safety Attributes

School Bus Safety Benefits

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