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School Bus Safety

CCPS Buses

School Bus Safety requires clear rules and expectations 

Families and students utilizing school bus transportation should review the Transportation section (pages 13-15) of the Code of Student Conduct to familiarize themselves with these important rules and procedures.

Code of Student Conduct

School Bus Safety begins at home

Teach your student how to stay safe at the bus stop as well as on the bus.  Our goal is the safe and efficient transport of students between their home and school.  Student behavior is a contributing factor to the safe operation of a school bus-remind your student to treat their driver and fellow student passengers with respect and kindness as any distractions to the driver are a serious concern for all aboard.  Please make sure you are aware of all transportation details for your student (Bus number, stop location, and estimated pick up/drop off times).  To find this information, use the School Locator.

School Locator

Transportation Assistance

Your awareness of these details is helpful to our department if you need emergency assistance or have questions.  Additionally, if you need to make changes to where your student is picked up or dropped off, please keep us updated by completing a Bus Change Request form using the Transportation Help Tickets portal.

Transportation Help Tickets  

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School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety continues on the bus and at school.  Charles County Public Schools regularly conducts bus evacuations to practice and prepare in case of emergency.  School buses are equipped with 2-way radios for clear communication between buses, schools, CCPS Transportation, and the independent bus contractors. A CCPS school bus undergoes 4 inspections each year of its service. In the summer and fall of each year buses undergo Type B Inspections which are supervised by both Transportation Staff and CCPS mechanics.  Buses undergo a third Type B Inspection in the spring which is supervised by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, Transportation Staff, and CCPS mechanics.  Additionally, buses undergo one Type A Inspection each year, which measures the brake readings for all four wheels.  Buses that are 1-12 years old may have this inspection done at their contractor lot.  Buses that are in the 13-15 year range must have their Type A inspection done at a Certified Inspection Facility. COMAR states that school vehicles must undergo 2 Type B Inspections each year of the bus’s life, but Charles County Public Schools perform 3 Type B Inspections to better ensure the safety and security of all aboard.  The life of a CCPS bus is 15 years and after that, buses are retired from student transportation.

School Bus Safety extends into our entire community.  CCPS school buses travel over 36,529 miles each day.  A driver in our county is sure to encounter numerous buses on our roads when school is in session. Unfortunately, many drivers in the community are either unaware or disregard some of the safety procedures and laws regarding school buses.  Take time to learn more about sharing the road with school buses and spread the word to your family and friends. If you witness something relevant to CCPS Transportation that you wish to share directly with a Transportation Supervisor, please contact us or complete a Community Concern form online.

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