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Walk Zones

Transportation is provided to elementary and middle school students residing more than 1 mile from their school and to high school students residing more than 1½ miles from their school.

Walk zones are established using these measurements in the neighborhoods surrounding the schools and students residing within those walk zones are not eligible for transportation.  Use the School Locator to check if your address is eligible for transportation or if it falls within a walk zone.

School Locator

Please note: Distances in all disputed cases shall be measured from the end of the student’s lane to the nearest driveway or walking entrance of the school by the most direct traveled route.  This traveled route may include roads, walkways, hiker-biker pathways, or road shoulders. Exceptions may be made for students with temporary or permanent disabilities who are, as a result of their disability, unable to walk to the prescribed distance.

Per CCPS Policies, Section 3000-Business & Non-Instructional Operations, Transportation: Eligibility: Regular, 3721, Last Reviewed August 8, 2006

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