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Fiscal Year 2020 Awarded Projects

ITB # TMS-1920 Tree Maintenance Services November 6, 2019 Honey Cove Lawn Care, LLC-primary awardee; C.I. Woodworking, Inc.-secondary awardee.        Pricing varies.           
RFP # CCS-1920 Compensation and Classification Study November 7, 2019 Management Advisory Group, International, Inc. – $56,000 
ITB # CBS-1920 Coach Bus Services February 26, 2020 (1) Academy Express, LLC (2) American Limousines, Inc. (3) Chesapeake Charter, Inc. (4)  Keller Transportation, Inc. (5) Goldline dba Martz, Inc. (6) US Coachways, Inc. Rates vary. 
RFQ # FNPM-1920 Food and Nutrition Project Management/Consultant for Food Supply Chain Vendors March 4, 2020 Clifford Anthony Meyers dba ClearVu School Services, LLC.  Pricing: $4,000; and $125/per hour, if necessary.
ITB # FSMCR-1920 Fuel System Maintenance, Cleaning and Fuel Oil Tank Replacements (Task Order Contract) May 20, 2020 (1) Petroleum Recovery and Remediation Management, Inc. (2) Total Environmental Concepts, Inc. and (3) R.J. Newman, Inc.  Pricing varies. 
RFP # TSS-1920 Temporary Staffing Services May 29, 2020 22nd Century Technologies, Inc.; Abacus Corporation; and ZDAAS, Inc.  Pricing varies.
RFP # MHMR-1920R Extended School Based Mental Health Services for Middle Schools June 4, 2020 Tri-County Youth Services Bureau, Inc.-primary awardee; Center for Children, Inc.-secondary awardee; Community Wellness Center-tertiary awardee. Pricing varies.
RFP # GFI-1920 Grocery Food Items June 18, 2020 US Foods, Inc.                  Pricing varies.