Assistant Accounting Manager – Charles County Public Schools

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Assistant Accounting Manager

carolekollerCarole Koller                                                     
Assistant Accounting Manager


Our department is responsible for coordinating internal and external audits, cash and investment management, fixed assets, sensitive inventory and school financial support. 

The Audit and Investment Manager monitors cash balances, invests monthly county and state allotments, manages the Central Office cash receipt and deposit process, school support for training, financial or audit issues, coordinates all audits including internal and external, and state agencies such as MSDE, State Construction and the Office of Legislative Audits and coordinates the Audit Committee and the Classified Retirement Investment Committee meetings.  Offers financial assistance to principals and administrators. Also reviews all Food Service financial information such as monthly bank reconciliations, journal entries, food service inventory and annual federal revenue reconciliations. Prepares all year end Construction reports for audit and reconciles all completed projects with Fixed Assets Analyst.  Coordinates Internal audit projects with the Internal Audit Consultant firm. Conducts independent payroll reviews, school site reviews, internal audits and other audit projects as they are needed.

cindymccoyCindy McRoy

Fixed Asset/Purchasing Analyst



The Fixed Asset Analyst is responsible for maintaining the property records for the school system in accordance with established capitalization policies, initiates, manages, and coordinates automated asset tracking system, which ensures asset accountability with each school/department, establishes fixed asset policies and procedures, approves fixed asset purchases, prepares financial documents used by outside agencies and external auditors, maintains and reviews sensitive inventories for the school system, assists with various internal audits, reviews monthly financial information and verification of the CIMS reports from the schools, performs bi-weekly audit review of payroll run, prepares school system bank reconciliations and adjusting entries, reconciles the biannual warehouse inventories with the general ledger, maintains and uploads volunteer database for Safe Schools training, and collects cash receipts and monitors cash and check levels for deposit. 

cherylhurstCheryl Hurst

Accounting Assistant



School Support provides financial support to the school’s financial secretaries.  The support includes assistance with monthly reconciliations and reports, one on one training, questions over telephone or via VNC access, QuickBooks training and troubleshooting. Prepares schools system bank reconciliations, assists with P-card transaction reconciliations. Assists with site reviews and annual audits related to Student Activity Funds.