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Fiscal Year 2016

RFP# FSA 1516 Flexible Spending- Account Third Party Administration June 27, 2016 Cancelled.
ITB- FCTS 1516 Flooring, Carpet and Tile Services June 23, 2016 Southern Maryland Floor Company -Pricing-Various
ITB# AMES ASP-1617 Restroom Modifications and Floor Replacement at Arthur Middleton Elementary School June 17, 2016 Cancelled.
ITB # PSM 2-1617 Transitional Modular Classroom Facility June 9, 2016 Modular Technologies
ITB # CTPS-1516 Chillers/ Cooling Towers, and PoolPac Full Service Maintenance June 9, 2016 W.E. Bowers, Inc.
ITB# FSMP 1516               Food Services Milk and Related Products May 4, 2016 Tuscan/Lehigh Dairies, Inc.
Skim Choc. Milk $.2144
Skim Milk           $.1901
Skim Milk Assorted Flavors
Skim Choc. Milk $.2594
Skim Milk           $.2351
Skim Milk Assorted Flavors
ITB# BAC 1-1617 Bleachers and Curtains April 29, 2016 TJ Distributors, Inc
ITB# GBSI 1-1617 Gale- Bailey Elementary School Site Improvement April 21, 2016 Dennis Anderson Construction
ITB# BSRTUR-1617-1 Benjamin Stoddert Rooftop Unit Replacement March 24, 2016 Hot and Cold Corporation
RFP# JCMHT-1516 Judy Center Mental/Behavioral Health Therapist March 1, 2016 Center for Children, Inc.
RFP# JCGE-1516 Judy Center Grant  services Evaluator March 1, 2016 Systems Wide Solutions, Inc.
ITB# TSMC-1617 Modular Calssroom Facility at the Transition School February 12, 2016 Not Funded.
ITB# BSRTUR-1617 Benjamin Stoddert Middle School RTU/Boiler Systemic Renovation February 2, 2016 Havtech Parts Divison (Mechanical Units Only- General)
ITB# DSTJFDK-011516 Pre-K addition at Jenifer Elementary School January 14, 2016 Hess Construction
ITB# MMFDK-1-1516 Pre- K addition at Mary Matula Elementary School January 12, 2016 Scheibel Construction
RFP# VMI-1516 Vendor Managed Inventory October 1, 2015 Daycon Products, Inc
ITB# FY2014 EEIP 1-1516 Lighting Upgrades for Energy Efficiency at Various Schools August 12,2015 American Energy Services
RFP# EAP 1516 Employee Assistance Program July 30, 2015 Deer Oaks EAP, Inc