Observing social distancing guidelines, the Board met via WebEx, a video conferencing tool. Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) streamed the meeting live on ccboe.com.

Doors closed, but learning continues
Superintendent Kimberly Hill updated the Board on the work CCPS employees are doing to support children during the state-mandated school closure. Staff continues to distribute meals, laptops and instructional packets while teachers are online providing instruction for students. “Our doors might be closed, but our people are still giving their all for children, whether they are coming into their offices or working from home, providing information or answering questions online. I could not be prouder of the way our people continue to step up every day for children,” Hill said.
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Grading policy changes for the fourth quarter
The Board of Education approved a change to the CCPS grading policy for the fourth quarter due to school closures. The approved grading policy gives credit to students participating in distance learning, including work completed on paper packets and through Apex Learning. The approved plan provides students with an opportunity to receive either a pass, incomplete or fail status for the fourth quarter, with different criteria in place per grade level. High school students can also increase their final grade in a course by 5 percentage points if they have a grade higher than 59 percent at the end of the third quarter and complete fourth quarter distance learning activities. Quality percentage points can increase a high school student’s GPA.  Click here for the full story. 

Board suspends graduation, athletic eligibility policies
The Board of Education unanimously voted April 21 to accept a recommendation to suspend several Board policies, including those related to graduation ceremonies and eligibility for fall extracurricular activities based on a student’s fourth-quarter grade point average. The suspension of policies allows CCPS staff the flexibility to make decisions in the wake of the Maryland school closure that was initially put in place March 16 to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).  Click here to read more about the suspended policies.

Board reduces FY21 budget request
The Board cut its budget request to the Charles County Commissioners by $5.4 million or 35 percent to help reduce the stress on budgets caused by COVID-19 expenditures. Hill said the recommendation was a difficult but necessary action for the Board of Education as it will delay the implementation of critical instructional initiatives like a new elementary reading program and mental health programs for children. However, as a major county agency, the Board of Education recognizes its responsibilities during this public health crisis.

Additional action items
The Board approved minutes from the March 10 meeting and personnel actions, including 17 releases without prejudice and two retirements. 

Public Forum
The Board has discontinued Public Forum for as long as the Board continues meeting virtually. The Board is accepting comments through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Comments are posted here on the Meetings Agendas and Notes web page

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