The final round of learning packets for elementary school students will be at meal sites starting May 28. There are no additional packets for secondary students. Starting on June 1, middle and high school teachers will use Teams for the final two weeks of instruction.

Teams lessons are canceled for high school students on the day of their school’s in-person graduation event. This includes Henry E. Lackey and Maurice J. McDonough high schools on June 1, Thomas Stone and Westlake high schools on June 2, La Plata and St. Charles high schools on June 3, and North Point High School on June 4.

The distance learning materials for weeks seven and eight to cover May 18 - May 29 will be available on Friday, May 15. This includes content for elementary, middle and high school students, special education alternative work, and English Learner (ESOL) materials.  

Distance learning packets are available on the Elementary Distance Learning webpage and the Middle and High School Distance Learning Packets webpage.  Links to Special Education Alternative work and ESOL Supplemental Instruction are provided in each grade level.

Paper copies of learning packets will be available at the 11 meal sites in Charles County. Meal sites are open 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Learning packets for English Learners (ESOL) and upper math classes for secondary students are only available at the Maurice J. McDonough High School and Westlake High School distribution sites.

Beginning Friday, April 3, online and paper assignments will count for fourth-quarter grades. CCPS has a policy in place to address fourth quarter grading. The policy includes different grading options for elementary, middle and high school students, as well as seniors in the Class of 2020. High school students may be eligible to increase their grade by 5 percentage points in a class if they complete fourth quarter distance-learning work. The policy also addresses how students will be graded for the fourth quarter using a pass, incomplete or fail grade.  A complete breakdown is posted on the CCPS website here.

On Wednesday, April 15 teachers began to use Microsoft Teams, a collaborative learning tool that features a classroom set up in Microsoft Office 365. This is the second part of a distance-learning plan implemented by CCPS to ensure students are learning during the school closure. Microsoft Teams will aid students and parents with distance learning.  Click here to read more about CCPS implementing Teams.

On April 22, the third and final phase was launched in the CCPS distance-learning plan. The new phase includes the addition of classes not yet featured for students on the Microsoft Office 365 Teams platform, such as art, physical education and other electives. Teachers will reach out to students through Teams about class expectations. Principals also will share specific details through weekly newsletters and emails about additional Teams offerings. Starting April 27, all classes for students will be offered through Teams twice a week. 

Microsoft Office 365 and Teams Access
To access Teams, students will need to visit the Office 365 login page at A student’s user name is their CCPS issued student ID, followed by For example, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A student’s password is their CCPS issued password; students use this password at school to access computers and to log in to StudentVue accounts. The first letter of the student password must be capital. If you or your child do not know the CCPS issued password, please submit a request for the password on the Ask CCPS platform on the school system website at Please include your child’s name and school of attendance in the password request.   For more instruction on Teams, click one on the of Guidance documents in the Resources side panel.

CCPS 24-Hour Spanish Hotline
  Línea Teléfonica de Ayuda en Español de CCPS que Funciona 24 horas  1-240-523-3032

A link to all elementary paper packets – divided by grade level and include two weeks of lessons and activities students were working on in class prior to the closure – is be posted on the CCPS website at  Parents can also pick up copies of the packets at any of the 11 designated meal sites.  Click here for distribution site information.

Elementary school teachers have office hours by email Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Additionally, all teachers have reviewed distance learning lesson plans for students. Teachers may provide students with optional and/or enrichment activities as needed. Case managers for students with IEPs are also using Goalbook to provide alternate activities.  For additional clarification, click here for Elementary Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions.

Middle and High School
Middle and high school students will use Apex Learning, which provides digital curriculum. There are two ways for students to receive assignments. Students can access assignments online and in paper packets. The paper version of the assignments is available for pick up at the 11 CCPS meal sites and on the Middle and High School Distance Learning Packets web page.  Click here for distribution site information.  For paper assignments, students should keep a portfolio of all their paperwork and once schools open, they can bring it in to receive grades.

All middle and high school teachers have been assigned to monitor the progress of either their first-period or homeroom students. These mentor teachers will communicate daily, Monday through Friday, with assigned students. Students should also contact their English, math, science and social studies teachers if they need help with assignments. All middle school teachers have office hours by email Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. High school teachers are available for office hours 1 to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Click here for the Apex Distance Learning High School Pacing Guide icon acrobat 

Middle and high school students can follow the steps below to access Apex Learning. Students can use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

  • Visit
  • Enter user name: a student’s user name is their student identification number followed by an underscore and ccps. For example: 123456_ccps
  • Enter password: ccps (same for all secondary students).
  • At first log-in, students should click HELP in the upper right-hand corner to watch a program tutorial.
  • Click here to watch the Getting Started with Apex video






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