MSDElogoThe Maryland State Department of Education has released the 2018-19 accountability report cards for every school in the state of Maryland. The Maryland Report Card is designed to measure the success of schools and identify areas for improvement. Click here to read more about the accountability report card.

All school report cards are available on the Maryland State Department of Education’s Report Card website, 


Click here for the Maryland State Report Card for Charles County

Star ratings are assigned as a result of a school's percentage of the total number of possible points.

star mediumstar mediumstar mediumstar mediumstar medium 75%  to  100%
star mediumstar mediumstar mediumstar medium 60%  to  74.9%
star mediumstar mediumstar medium 45  to  59%
star mediumstar medium 30%  to  44.9%
star medium 0%  to  29.9%

CCPS results for 2018-19

   5-Star 4-Star 3-Star 2-Star 1-Star
Elementary 1 13  7 0  0
Middle 0 0 6 0
High 1 4 2 0 0
Total 2 17 15 2 0

* Billingsley Elementary School did not open until the 2019-20 school year and it is not included in the totals.