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If you are applying based on income, homelessness, or foster care status, complete the Category 1 PreK Application. Income guidelines are below. Gross (before tax) annual income for your entire household cannot exceed the limits shown below. Category 1 status must be verified with one of the following: 1) copy of current Food Supplement (food stamps) Program eligibility letter listing household members or 2) pay stubs showing your family’s income (minimum of three recent, consecutive pay stubs for each wage earner must be provided). To verify homeless or foster care status, contact the Office of Student Services at 301-934-7326.

# of Household Members Income Limit - Before Taxes
  Weekly Monthly Yearly
2 $586 $2,538 $30,451
3 $740 $3,204  $38,443 
$893 $3,870  $46,435 
5 $1,047 $4,536 $54,427
$1,201 $5,202 $62,419
$1,355  $5,868 $70,411
8 $1,508  $6,534  $78,403 
For each additional family member, add $154  $666 $7,992 

If you are applying based on special circumstances, complete the Category 2 portion of the PreK Application. Admission under Category 2 is not guaranteed. Placement of Category 2 students will occur between mid-August and mid-September, and may not occur until after the beginning of the school year. Acceptable circumstances for Category 2 are listed below (verification is required):

  • Child has an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) from Child Find for speech/language
  • Child’s primary language is not English
  • Child participated in Head Start in the past 12 months
  • Child lives with grandparent or elderly guardian (parent is not in household)
  • Parent has a diagnosed chronic illness impacting ability to care for child
  • Parent is or will be deployed for 6 months or more
  • Family income is within 10% of the limit for Category 1


If you do not qualify for Category 1 or Category 2, complete the Category 3 portion of the PreK Application. Please be aware that no Category 3 students will be placed until placement of Category 1 and 2 is complete, which will not happen until after the start of the school year. Placement of Category 3 applicants is not guaranteed. Category 3 applicants will be placed on the waiting list in birth order with the oldest children first (beginning with September birthdays).

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