road to reopeningCharles County Public Schools (CCPS) is planning for the return of in-person learning for all students this fall. The first day of school for students for the 2021-2022 school year is Monday, Aug. 30. CCPS will move forward with a traditional school year for all students. This includes a return to five days of in-person instruction for all students, prekindergarten through Grade 12.

New rule in place for student athletes
CCPS has instituted new requirements for high school student athletes. Fall sports begin on Wednesday, Aug. 11, with practices for students, coaches and teams. All high school students participating in sports are now required to either:
  • Provide proof of having been fully COVID-19 vaccinated (completion of the vaccine series, plus 14 days) to their high school athletic director; or
  • Participate in the free CCPS COVID-19 screening program.

Athletes who do not provide proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination or fail to participate in the screening program will not be allowed to participate with the team, at practice or games.

Parents of athletes participating in the screening program must complete a one-time registration and consent for their child. Parents of more than one student athlete will need to create a separate account for each child. As part of the program, student athletes will be tested weekly for COVID-19. The screening will be done by a certified medical contractor.

Parents can visit to register their child for testing. The registration will be available after 9 a.m. on July 30. When registering, parents will need to select the name of their child’s high school.  Click here to read more about the new rule.

Parents who need registration assistance can call 800-635-8611. 

Face mask requirement use for staff, students and visitors to schools, buildings, centers and CCPS facilities
Effective Friday, July 30, 2021, mask use is now required for anyone inside a CCPS building. This applies to everyone, including individuals already vaccinated against COVID-19. As CCPS prepares for the reopening of schools on Aug. 30, the mask mandate is in effect until further notice. Masks are also required on CCPS transportation for bus drivers, attendants and any student using CCPS bus services.  Click here to read more about face mask requirement.

Today's COVID-19 Numbers Charles County
Charles County Public Schools has established a Departmental Operations Center (DOC) to enable us to keep our fingers on the pulse of the COVID-19 crisis in Charles County and the region. The purpose of the DOC is to collect data that may be relevant for our decision makers, provide the most up-to-date and accurate information and statistics to our staff, and to maintain and strengthen open lines of communication between our partners and stakeholders.  Much like the County’s Emergency Operations Center, our DOC will be virtual and operated through the Office of School Safety and Security, reporting to Superintendent Kimberly Hill. Currently, the DOC has several functions including creating and publishing an intel/situational daily brief, the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) for schools, standard operating procedure creation and maintaining open lines of communication with our public safety partners.


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