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What does this service do?
School Locator allows the public to enter an address and see which three schools – elementary, middle and high – are zoned for that address. It also indicates if the address is eligible for bus transportation to a particular school.

How does this service work?
The service draws from the school system's transportation zoning maps and matches the user query against a database of roads in Charles County to the schools in that particular zone.

Why am I eligible for transportation at one of my zoned schools and not at another?
Generally, bus transportation is provided to elementary and middle school students residing more than one mile from their school and to high school students residing more than one-and-one-half miles from their school. If a result is returned, "Eligible for this school without transportation," the address is zoned for that school, but close enough to the school for students to walk. Transportation to and from school for all eligible students is provided by Charles County Public Schools as a privilege, not a right.

What bus do I take?
When you register your child for school, staff will provide you with bus stop information including pick up times, the bus stop location and bus number. The school locator service provides bus route information for most addresses in the county.

Will this service reflect any current rezoning proposals?
There are no current rezoning proposals; however, the rezoning process can be started at any time. The site does not reflect rezoning proposals, only current school zones.

Why is my address not in the system?
Please check the address typed in first and make sure to read all instructions above the address input fields. If the address is correct, it may be a new address not yet cleared through the county. Call the transportation department at 301-934-7262.

Who should I contact if I have a question about this service?
If you have a question about the zone or transportation, call our transportation office at 301-934-7262.

The information provided concerning a school's attendance zone should be used for information purposes only. Charles County Public Schools reserves the right to assign a student to a different school than the one listed here as the zoned school. For more information about school assignments, please contact Student Services at 301-934-7326. For more information about bus routes, please call the Transportation department at 301-934-7262.