For emergencies, or if a person is in danger of hurting themselves or others, always call 911.

This reporting system is not monitored 24/7 and it could be up to 48 hours before it is seen. 
If you need immediate or timely police assistance please call 911 to report an emergency. 
Call 301-932-2222 to report a non-emergency crime or suspicious activity.

Bullying, Harassment
or Intimidation
Threats to
School Safety
Staff Misconduct General Tips

If you would like to submit a report through this website, please click on the picture that best describes your report. Complete the corresponding online form and then click on submit to send the report.

Thank you in advance for submitting your report and doing your part to help make our schools safe places to learn and work.

In case of emergency…

Safety is our job. Every school, every student, every staff member should feel safe when they walk through our doors for a day of teaching and learning.

Students and staff participate in hours of training for many types of emergencies — from tornados to fire to active shooters.  The following is to provide parents information about what happens when a threat is reported, how we plan and practice for an emergency and to educate and give advice prior to an emergency situation.

Events over the past decade have caused Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) and schools across the nation to rethink school safety and work even harder to make schools the safest possible places for our students and staff. We value safety and we are creating a culture of putting safety first while helping parents know what is expected during a crisis.

The ultimate goal is to prevent unsafe situations. It takes all of us — parents, community members, students and staff — working together to keep our schools safe.

If you see something, say something. Please remind your children to do the same. All reports are thoroughly investigated, often with the assistance of our School Resource Officers (SROs), who are sworn members of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. To make reporting easier, the button at the top of the page allows anyone to anonymously report anything you think threatens school safety.

School plans

Each school has emergency plans. The plans provide basic guidelines and procedures for staff to follow the in event of an emergency. All staff is provided information about the plans and their individual responsibilities in the event of an emergency. CCPS updates, reviews and revises school plans annually.

Parent advice

Schools can share the steps they follow during a crisis, including where you should reunite with your child in the event of a school emergency. There are many aspects of school crisis plans that the school cannot share, such as the floor plans and schematics. However, parents can learn individual school processes, procedures and what is expected of students, staff and parents. Each school plan is unique and adjusted for the school size, facility and area.

Safety terminology and procedures: