Superintendent's Vision

The vision of Charles County Public Schools is to create the best environment where all students experience academic success, develop personal responsibility and achieve career readiness for the 21st century.

Superintendent's Goals

Dr. Hill has developed eight long-term goals with two- and five-year targeted outcomes. Goals include:

  1. Increase the high school graduation rate.
  2. Close the achievement gap between the highest performing and lowest performing subgroups of students on multiple measures.
  3. Place in the top five districts in the state in student performance on the PARCC assessment.
  4. Develop updated alternative learning environments for students which will include online courses that can be used to supplement face-to-face instruction.
  5. Recruit and retain a highly qualified, diverse workforce through effective professional development as well as a competitive compensation package.
  6. Investigate and implement alternative funding sources to augment state and local funding.
  7. Reduce the carbon footprint of CCPS.
  8. Use emerging technologies to effectively communicate with our stakeholders about important topics.