ParentVue and StudentVue have a new URL address — 
https://MD-CCPS-psv.edupoint.comBeginning Nov. 18, 2019, parents and students who use the mobile app will have to manually update the new web address through the app.  Click here to read about the system update.

ParentVue and StudentVue mobile app users need to delete the old URL and add the new one within the app.  Users may disable their account if they continue to use the incorrect URL.

The steps to update ParentVue and StudentVue:

  * Know your username and password to login to the system. You will be prompted to enter the information completing the URL update.

  1. Log out of ParentVue/StudentVue and click the Settings icon (gear located in the bottom left corner of the main screen).


  2. In the settings screen, click Add another district URL.


  3. Enter the new URL: or search by zip code, and select Charles County Public Schools.

  4. On an iPhone: click on the old URL and slide to delete.
    On an Android: click the URL, then click on Delete.


  5. Click Done on the right corner of the settings screen.
  6. When prompted to log in, click the Already Activated Account option.