Results for lead in drinking water and well water quality

Testing for Lead in Drinking Water
Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) is testing schools and centers for the presence of lead in school drinking water. CCPS is conducting the testing to comply with a new state regulation, HB 270, which was signed into law in May 2017 and requires schools served by public water to test for the presence of lead. All Maryland schools, public and nonpublic that serve students in grades prekindergarten to Grade 12, must complete the testing. The testing is not the result of any concerns with drinking water in Charles County schools.

Testing is limited to water outlets where the water is intended for consumption. This includes water sources like drinking fountains, cafeteria sinks, classroom combination sinks, teachers’ lounge sinks and any other outlets used for drinking or food preparation. It does not include water outlets like utility and bathroom sinks. CCPS will place signs on non-drinking outlets that are not subject to water sampling indicating they have not been sampled. Signs do not indicate that a particular water outlet has lead contamination.

Although not required by law, CCPS plans to test the water at all schools, including those where water is provided by a well, educational centers and office buildings. Staff is conducting testing in two phases and plans to complete all testing by the end of the 2018-19 school year. Details about testing procedures and other information is included in the Frequently Asked Questions.

CCPS will send all water samples to Martel Laboratories JDS Inc., a state-certified laboratory for water analysis. CCPS will post results on schools and centers websites as we receive them and CCPS will post full lab reports and summaries on this webpage.

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Testing for Lead in Drinking Water – Public and Nonpublic Schools, Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)

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Frequently Asked Questions


Lead in Drinking Water Test Results
Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) recommends water outlets be taken out of service if the lead level exceeds 20 parts per billion (ppb).  When a water outlet exceeds this level, the outlet is disabled within 24 hours to prevent physical access to the water coming from the fixture.  A follow-up sample is collected and if the results have lead levels exceeding the action level, the fixture is replaced. 

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School Date Tested Number of Fixtures Sampled  Number of Samples Over 20 ppb Results 
C. Paul Barnhart 3/20/2019  94 1 CPBES_Report_3-20-2019 icon acrobat
Parent_Staff_Letter-5-16-2019 icon acrobat
Dr. Gustavus Brown 3/21/2019  58 4 DGBES_Report_3-21-2019 icon acrobat
Parent_Staff_Letter-5-16-2019 icon acrobat
William A. Diggs        
Indian Head 3/27/2019 40 2 IHES_Report_3-27-19 icon acrobat
Parent_Staff_Letter-5-16-2019 icon acrobat
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer        
Mary H. Matula        
Arthur Middleton        
Walter J. Mitchell        
Dr. Samuel A. Mudd        
Mary B. Neal        
J.C. Parks         
J. P. Ryon         
Eva Turner        
William B. Wade        
School Date Tested Number of Fixtures Sampled Number of Samples Over 20 ppb Results 
Theodore G. Davis        
John Hanson        
Matthew Henson        
General Smallwood        
Milton M. Somers        
Benjamin Stoddert        
School Date Tested Number of Fixtures Sampled  Number of Samples Over 20 ppb  Results
La Plata        
Maurice J. McDonough        
North Point         
St. Charles         
Thomas Stone         
School Date Tested Number of Fixtures Sampled  Number of Samples Over 20 ppb  Results
Dr. James Craik Elementary School        
Gale-Bailey Elementary School        
Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary School        
Malcolm Elementary School        
T.C. Martin Elementary School        
Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy Elementary School        
Piccowaxen Middle School        
Henry E. Lackey High School        
Robert D. Stethem Educational Center        
Nanjemoy Creek Environmental Center        
Office Building Date Tested Number of Fixtures Sampled  Number of Samples Over 20 ppb  Results