COVID-19 Teleworking Guidelines

Employees may telework at the direction of a supervisor or the Superintendent or designee. “Telework” is defined as performing work that would usually be performed at a CCPS worksite at an alternative worksite on an authorized and regularly scheduled basis.

Employees who telework are expected to maintain their usual assigned schedule, including the same work days and hours, that they have in their regular work location, unless changes are authorized by their supervisor. For employees eligible for overtime, no overtime will be authorized unless approved in advance in writing by their supervisor.

Employees are expected to be accessible during their assigned schedule by phone or other communication method agreed to by their supervisor, except during meal periods and breaks as outlined in the negotiated agreement. The employee is responsible for maintaining contact with their supervisor while teleworking. If a business need arises, employees are expected to be available to report to their regular work setting or other assigned location at the direction of their supervisor.

An employee’s duties, obligations, responsibilities, and conditions of employment with CCPS remain unchanged except those obligations and responsibilities specifically addressed in these guidelines. Job responsibilities, standards of performance, and performance appraisals remain the same as when working at the regular worksite. The supervisor reserves the right to assign work as necessary at any worksite.

Employees who are unable to perform their assigned duties and be accessible and available as described above shall be required to request and access any leave available to them. The request for leave shall be made in the same manner as the employee would typically use when working at their regular work location.

Employees are expected to maintain a safe, secure, and ergonomic work environment and to report work-related injuries to the employee’s supervisor at the earliest reasonable opportunity. Employee shall hold CCPS harmless for injury to others at the alternate worksite. With reasonable notice and at a mutually agreed upon time, CCPS may make on-site visits to an employee’s telework location to ensure that the designated work space is safe and free from hazards, provides adequate protection and security of CCPS property, and to maintain, repair, inspect, or retrieve CCPS property.

Employees are responsible for providing space, telephone, printing, networking and/or Internet capabilities at the telework location, and shall not be reimbursed by the employer for these or related expenses. Employees may request CCPS technology, but must protect CCPS-owned equipment, records, and materials from unauthorized or accidental access, use, modification, destruction, or disclosure. Employees must report to their supervisor any incidents of loss, damage, or unauthorized access at the earliest reasonable opportunity.

Employees are expected to maintain all CCPS documents and records in an equivalent manner as they would at their regular work location, including on CCPS networks. All records and materials regarding CCPS shall remain the property of the CCPS.

Employees who fail to abide by these guidelines while teleworking may no longer be authorized to telework and may be required to either return to their regular work location or take leave. Violations of these guidelines may subject the employee to discipline up to and including termination.

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