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How to Submit Proofs of Domicile

Each school year in February, Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) requires parents of students in fifth- and eighth-grades to submit two updated proofs of domicile to their child’s school. This process ensures students are attending schools in the correct zones and also that CCPS has the most up-to-date information on file.

Proofs can be submitted two ways:

  • Using a desktop/laptop computer to log in to ParentVUE, the online system for teachers, parents and students to monitor grades;
  • Mailing copies to school. Mailed proofs should include the name of the student written clearly on each proof.  View School Address Information.

Accepted proofs of domicile are posted on the CCPS website. Parents who updated their child’s record on or after Sept. 3, 2020, do not need to resubmit proofs of domicile unless they moved during this school year.

Schedules for students transitioning to sixth and ninth grades during the 2021-22 school year are not finalized until the updated proofs are received. 

Parents can follow the steps below to update proofs using ParentVUE. Parents must use the website to complete steps 1 and 2, and may either continue using the website or the ParentVUE mobile app for the remaining steps. Parents can use the mobile app to take photos of the proofs to upload the documents. 

  1. Access your ParentVUE account
    The ParentVUE mobile app will only allow you to upload proofs after entering your Electronic Signature on the website.
    Click the Online Registration tab located in the upper right-hand corner. 
    Online Registration Screenshot from ParentVUE
  2. Begin Registration and Verify Information
    • Click Begin New Registration to get started
    • You will be prompted to verify and update:
      • Home and mailing addresses
      • Parent information
      • Emergency contacts
    CCPS Online Registration System Screenshot
    Verify your ParentVue name
    • Enter your first and last name then click Save and Continue
    • At this point in the process you may continue using the web browser or your ParentVue App
      • Continue using the web browser if your proofs are saved on your computer.
      • Or log into ParentVue app to take photos of your proofs to complete the process.
        Online Registration tab Screenshot
    Edit information that shows in progress
    • When you see the yellow In Progress button, click Edit to continue verifying and updating information for that person
      Online Registration | In Progress Screenshot
  3. Edit Information for your 5th or 8th grade child
    • Click Edit to edit and upload transition proofs for your 5th or 8th grader
    • Click Exclude next to your child if you don’t wish to update
      Step 3 Online Registration Screenshot
      Step 3 Online Registration Screenshot
  4. Select "I'm submitting 5th or 8th grade domicile proofs"
    Continue to verify and update information.  Click Save and Continue as you move through the screens
    Step 4 Online Registration Screenshot
  5. Edit next child or Save and Continue
    Step 5 Online Registration Screenshot
  6. Upload your proofs
    Click Upload to browse your computer for the files. Parents can also use the mobile app if they would like to take photos of the proofs and upload through the app.
    Step 6 Online Registration Screenshot
    Step 6 Online Registration Screenshot
  7. Review and Submit
    • If you uploaded images from your computer click Review, then Ready to Submit


    • Log into your ParentVue app on your phone, and you will be prompted to take a photo and upload your two proofs. Then log back onto the website and complete the Review/Submit screen.
Online Registration Review/Submit Screenshot

You will receive an email from the school verifying acceptance or denial of your submitted proofs.

Parents who experience issues with updating proofs through ParentVue can email for help.