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Volunteer Information

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Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) believes volunteer service to our schools is essential to student success. The support of parents, grandparents, other significant relatives and community members creates an environment filled with opportunities for our students. Thank you for your interest in volunteering in CCPS. We depend on volunteers to enhance programs and services for students. Volunteers assist regular employees and supplement student services and learning opportunities. Although volunteers are not paid staff members, they are expected to follow CCPS policies, rules and procedures at all times.  As part of the many security measures we have in place to ensure safe schools for our students, we recognize the need to properly train and screen volunteers.

Volunteers include, but are not limited to, people who serve as mentors, tutors, non-paid coaches or club sponsors, overnight and day trip chaperones, reading and math partners, and parent group organization officers like the PTO, boosters, team parents.

The training and background check are valid for one school year. There is no cost to the volunteer for the background check.

All volunteers will receive email confirmation when the background check is complete. The majority of volunteer registration submissions are processed within 48 hours. Approved volunteers will receive a volunteer identification card shortly after they are approved to serve.

Volunteers who are cleared through the process are placed on a school or center list, but are not guaranteed to be called upon during the school year. School administrators will contact volunteers when there is a school/student need that matches a volunteer’s interest or skills. Volunteers should notify school administrators if they no longer wish to be on the volunteer list. CCPS reserves the right to discontinue the volunteer relationship with any individual at any time.

Volunteer Handbook

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Questions about the volunteer registration process, policies, guidelines or procedures can be directed to the CCPS Office of Safety and Security at 301-392-5551.